Out mission at HUNTING/HER ®


Why we are specialized in D&I recruiting and career management

Lots of published studies demonstrated an impressant link between a company's higher performance and the proportion of women serving in its management (for example: Women Matter 2, published in 2008 by Consulting firm McKinsey, Inc. who had identified the reasons for this performance effect by examining the leadership styles that women leaders typically adopt). 
In 2012, as a matter of fact, female executives are still underrepresented in the majority of companies within the EU. In spite of a very high demanding of the European Businesscompanies for high educated women and female managers, not only  expecting a coming duty by law by EU-Government of a female rate in managementpositions between 30-40 %. At this moment are just about 10% of the membership of governing bodies in European companies are female executives. 


That’s why we at HUNTING HER ® are always looking for highly qualified women to place in ambitious job vacancies, within Europe as well as within China, Russia and Southamerica.



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